23:56 28-02-2011
Clive Beer-Jones
A wonderful page that remindes me of my 3 lovely and greatly missed Chows / Flint /Chang / Ming /
11:15 09-04-2009
Hallo Helma en Peter,
Wat een schitterend stel, ik ben onder de indruk van zoveel moois....
Hartelijke groeten, Gunilla
14:36 07-01-2009
Stefan Witt
Hello from Germany,
very nice homepage and beautiful Chows.

Best regards,
16:07 18-09-2008
Silvia Grimm
……..`, | /
.-..-.( °_° ),~*`+-
......_,-+~* *~+-,_..`*`)
Hello from Germany,
i was here again,
what a nice Site you have and wonderful Dogs,
best wishes,Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.
16:56 20-08-2008
Astrid Prevos
Hallo wij zijn opzoek naat een chow chow pup.
Groetjes Astrid
02:31 08-03-2008
Hello Peter,
All your Chows are so lovely and beautiful, I admire you. Hope you keep expanding your Chow family.

21:30 11-01-2008

De site ziet er echt prachtig uit, ook leuk met die filmpjes!!
Ik wilde vragen op welke lokatie jullie gevestigd zijn.

Met vriendelijk groet
Charlotte Willems
10:22 04-01-2008
Mattart Nadine (B)
Magnifiques chows, superbe site...bravo! Amitiés. Nadine et Derny
15:31 12-10-2007
Penny Pannell
Lovely pictures of the chows and i too now have 4 a blue being the baby how are the others taking to the pulling and tugging from th e puppy? House full now eh?
best regards
07:00 16-09-2007
Terry and Wookie
Hi Peter! You need to update your web site! But I bet you are very busy with all the Chows and your Grandson, too!

Just stopping in to say hello.

18:11 13-09-2007
Penny Pannell
Hello there i notice there is no upto date pictures-what has happened to you all?

14:08 19-03-2007
ben even bij u op de website geweest
en het ziet er geweldig uit
leuke fotos ga zo door.

groetjes webmaster
hondenrassen linken

mijn website
12:34 27-01-2007
Mariela A. Pipitone
I took hours reading your histories and seeing your pics + videos and thought interesting coz I had a similar situation.

I own Chows since 1992 and had 7 males in the total but always 5 at once !

Yes : 5 males living together and all intacts !

I didn´t know about Chows fighting in the beginning and to resume... I was having them naturally !

All living together and all around the house (in and out) : of course I had 2 or 3 fight situations when some became into fresh mature age but nothing that serious and to be fast in my 'boys history'... everything ended fine and without purpose neither deep Chow Chow breed study.

Unfortunatelly they are not with me anymore : they must be with Pau Lin and Beer (except my cinnamon boy who is 11 years and 5 months old) and today I have my first girl who is 4 months and 19 days old which will be neutered next day 30 to avoid chest cancer and piometra.

I am planning to buy another friend for her (boy or girl) since I am a true Chow Chow lover and can´t imagine my life without some around me.

My first boy was a black who lived until 14 years and a half and left me on august 30th , 2006 due skin cancer (melanoma).

I had in total 1 black , 1 red , 2 blue , 2 cream and 1 cinnamon and 5 of these came from US breeders.

Just wanted to drop some words to tell you that loved your website and that this is the first time that I read from the beginning until the end of the whole thing !

Congratulations !!!

Here you can see some of my past dogs : .

Take care and keep this happiness and piece !

Cheers from Mariela (Brazil).
18:17 30-11-2006
Stanley Keymer

Great pictures and stores, had lot of laughs from the videos. Once a Chow lover always a Chow lover.
Regards from Edu (Helsalon Ernold), his father was Anhwei Penthyn Hong ("Pepe". Now reached the age of 12.

Love to all and the dogs.
Stanley and Maggi
04:20 04-10-2006
Jennet Reyes Tan
Hi Peter,

You got beautiful chow there and wonderful site... more power to you Mr Dutchchow the man behind the sucess of for all chow chow lovers, wishing you all the best!!!

God Bless!!!
Meyverick Kennel (Phils)
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